quinta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2012

Anne Freitas made her professional IFBB debut and won the Eurpa Pro Show, Battle Off Champion.

What Is It With Brazil ?
Okay, so in the first six pro Physique division events this year Brazilians had won half of them. They simply had 'the look' as most agreed. The 'look' has apparently carried over to the bodybuilding level at the Battle of Champion as Brazil's pint-sized powerhouse Anne Luise Freitas basically blew everyone's mind. And understandably so. Packing 136 pounds on a frame that is under 5-4, she had observers rubbing their collective eyes in disbelief. And did we mention it was her pro debut? RX's Dave Palumbo described her this way in his play-by-play. “Crazy freaky. Insane glutes.....small waist. Quad separation is second to none. She's incredible. Fantastic symmetry. SHE'S THE WINNER. Can't see anyone touching her.” It would be tough to argue his points. Freitas made a major first impression in her first pro event. In 2009 she won the IFBB South American Championships as a lightweight. The same year she won the IFBB World Amateur Championships. What may be more interesting is the fact that she was the Brazilian champion in bodyfitness four years ago. What a transition that has been. Anyway you slice it, she was sliced. Shrink-wrapped. And that ever-present Brazilian booty that we are all getting used to seeing in competitors from that part of the world, was in peak form. The superlatives came from every direction. Most comments circled around her muscular detail and conditioning level. There have been judges in the past who have proffered that the more there is to see in a physique, the more opportunity there is to find a flaw. Not in Frietas' case. If there were flaws, no one was up to pointing them out. She is sponsored by Probiotica and will make a very interesting addition to a Ms. Olympia lineup come September – all 136 pounds of her. With a total of $6,000 in prize being offered, Frietas' winning share came to $3,000.